ispo munich 2013

Presenting Paddling at ISPO 2013.

When the ladies from Uhlala Beachwear entered the water, the visitors pulled out their cameras.
Cindi Bear Bronner, owner of Fitness Onboard LLC
Cindi Bear Bronner, owner of Fitness Onboard LLC. traveled all the way from Florida/USA to present her program at the SUP Lounge.


Our sport will be on German TV tonight....

Expert advise from manufacturers, professionals and distributors - live and qualified.


Alois Mühlegger (left) announcing the 2013 NP German SUP Trophy.

He knows his board and paddles it confidently across the pool wearing street clothes: John Red (Red Paddle)

Florian Brunner (center) at the Starboard booth
Inge Waes and Terry Barbier from Aquadesign (France)

A reason to be happy about the biggest ISPO MUNICH ever:

PADDLEexpo presents paddling at the ISPO show
The ISPO MUNICH trade show from 3r-6 February 2013 was the place to be for everyone in the sporting goods industry from around the world. And PADDLEexpo took advantage of this opportunity to shine the spotlight there on paddling.
ISPO worked with PADDLEexpo to give floor space in the Action Sports hall A3 to set up a 100-cubic-metre pool and a stage. Around the tank, various stand-alone booths were set up that attracted the interest of stand-up paddling businesses -- Starboard, Airboard, Red Paddle, Aquadesign, Bic Sport, Nidecker, Surftech, Ari'i Nui und Dragonfly. The entire area was called the “SUP Lounge” and was quite a head-turner since it was a first time for such a thing.
Being present at the ISPO MUNICH show served some clearly defined purposes: First, it allowed the paddles-ports industry to gain the attention of media, the industry and buyers. Second, it was to motivate new buyers and regular attendees alike to come to PADDLEexpo. And, third, the area was to be the meeting point for PADDLEexpo participants. Based on these goals, we then also designed a program in the SUP area:
Every ISPO visitor had to recognize on first glance why the pool was there. Thus, during key hours, there were always paddlers on the water. It was also interesting to wander amongst observers and to overhear their comments. Our feeling is that everyone had already heard of stand-up paddling, but didn’t really know many details about it and wasn’t familiar with the newest inflatable boards. For exhibitors, of course, these were the best circumstances to start a conversation. Panel discussions on the stage were promoted in advance by ISPO as well as in the show planning guide. The topics of interviews fit the visitor profile perfectly: “Reasons for the boom” (Day 1), “Opportunities for sport retailers” (Day 2) and “Year-round perspectives for tourism and sport retail” (Day 3). Health and fitness are also quite newsworthy at the moment; thus Cindy Bear Bronner from Florida, USA, demonstrated exercises on the paddleboard during “Fitness on board” presentations twice daily. In addition, the pool was available at any time for exhibitors and visitors to try paddling. In particular, this opportunity was used by SUP instructors to try out and compare new products from various brands. In another corner of the Action Sports Hall in A3, the new swimwear collection by UHLALA was presented. It didn’t take long to convince the models to head over to the pool and they enjoyed trying out paddling in the SUP area. That of course caused a real crowd at the pool and attracted a lot of picture-taking too.
New Retailers
Interested retailers received a packet of general, non-brand-specific information – and many were passed out.
In summary
The partnership between ISPO MUNICH and PADDLEexpo is in its fifth year, with the SUP-Lounge this year with pool marking a high point. Certainly we don’t doubt that the record number of visitors at the 2013 ISPO contributed to the success. Still, all of the paddleboard exhibitors and the first-time pool worked outstandingly as an attention-grabber for visitors, journalists and photographers. For exhibitors, their participation proved its worth since they were able to make a lot of contacts that would have perhaps never happened at the PADDLEexpo in Nuremberg, Germany. For them, the SUP-Lounge was a welcome supplement to autumn’s PADDLEexpo.
In addition, more representatives from canoe and kayak than ever before were also there. Some suppliers used the tables and stools at the PADDLEexpo booth for appointments with their customers, while others had their own internal meetings on-site. The overriding topic of the canoe/kayak segment was the coming Paddle Festival at the Markkleeberg White Water Park.
More PADDLEexpo participants then ever took part at ISPO, from canoe to kayak to SUP. An additional industry meeting place in February has now been established and proved!

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